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farm holidays on Tuscany !

Mogginano is a tiny hamlet inhabited exclusively by those who work on the farm. It is situated in Tuscany in the borough of Pieve Santo Stefano in the Arezzo province in high hill surroundings in the Appenines on the borders of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. The farm consists of about 500 hectares of farmland with pastures, meadows and woods. The land claims from 600 to above 1100 m. in height. Mogginano is one of the few self-sufficiently "biological" farms wich still raises pure breed "Chianina cattle". There are 200 head of cattle who live free in the fields during the summer. Sheep-breeding, 50 head, supply milk for the specialized production of "pecorino" sheep's cheese and dairy products. Horse-riding is available with our own 8 lovely and wonderlful horses.

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